Exercise test

Gain insight into your current form
Exercise test
How achievable are your goals?

Customized coaching starts with a good assessment of your current form. We map this out using an exercise test on the treadmill or on the track. Both are with lactate measurement. However experienced or inexperienced you are, however fast or slow you run, a lactate test offers great added value for everyone.

While going through a set step protocol, lactate is taken after each stage. Heart rate and RPE (feeling of fatigue) are also consistently recorded. The final results, provided in a report, tell a coach all about your current form. They also give an indication of the feasibility of your athletic goals. Though with the wise words of marathon legend Eliud Kipchoge in mind, "No human is limited."

You can go for an exercise test on a fixed test day on Saturday (75 EUR). This will always take place on an athletics track or choose a day of your choice (120 EUR) to perform the test at the test center in Bruges or Zwijndrecht and be guided 1 on 1.

  • Fixed test days (75 EUR)
  • May 11 (Ghent)
  • June 8 (Herentals)


  • Day of your choice (EUR 120)
  • Test center Bruges or Zwijndrecht
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Customized coaching begins with a good assessment of your current form.

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