About us.

Keep on Running.

This site is about you.
The runner.
Novice, passionate or something in between.

But you are still looking for information about us.
And so we are happy to tell you the origins of Keep on Running.

Runners' lab is a running specialty store, founded in 1980 in Beveren. Since then, the entire team has made it a point of honor to ensure that runners can keep running. Injury-free and full of enthusiasm.

And so in 2008, "Keep on Running" - an initiative of Runners' lab - was born to offer well-built schedules for people who want to keep running. We also wanted to start a running community so runners could help and motivate each other.

In 2022 Keep on Running is still 100% made possible by #teamrunnerslab and we are bundling the four main pillars on a revamped website. That way you'll find everything you're looking for in one place. 

Setting goals and a running community help you stay motivated.

Sensible training and the right products will keep you injury-free.


You can find us in stores in Roeselare, Ghent, Zwijndrecht, Antwerp, Zaventem, Rumst and Paal.
Welcome to the largest running community in Belgium.


With the support of #teamrunnerslab

Keep on Running.

Westpoort 68
2070 Zwijndrecht

VAT/BARREL BE0817.545.494