"it's not about the shoe, it's about you"

Keep on Running is an initiative of running specialist Runners' lab.

Where Keep on Running wants to get you excited about running, Runners' lab wants you to enjoy the sport injury-free more than anything else. And they go a long way in doing so. For years, Runners' lab has sworn by their own developed Footscan® plate and a personal approach. Because the right running shoe, that's different for everyone.

Be welcome in one of the seven stores, spread across Flanders, for personal advice. Preferably visit by appointment to avoid large crowds.

Prefer to find your shoes, clothing, food or accessories online? You can!

You can find everything you need in the Runners' lab webshop.

Still have questions about additional service or products? Feel free to ask for help via the WhatsApp Live Chat.

If it may be just a little more.

At Runners' lab you will receive standard advice based on your foot profile and rolling pattern. Would you like to go a step further and have your entire running posture examined? Then you can visit the high-tech 'Prolab' in Zwijndrecht. This detailed scientific movement analysis can help prevent injuries. Runners' lab also has a DEXA and DIERS scan for measuring your body composition, any leg length difference and your pelvic position. Both recreational and competitive runners can benefit from this.


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