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No. We believe that each runner can judge for themselves what is achievable. 

Dogs may walk along on a leash. One condition, however, is that the dog is used to walking in a group. 

We work with waiting lists. You can sign up for the waiting list by going to the registration page and indicating the desired distance. As soon as a spot becomes available, we will contact you. 

Yes, you can still change your data when you are logged in with your Keep on Running profile. Log in by clicking on 'login' in the upper right corner. 
If a GPX is available for an event, you will find it on that event's page. If you are registered for the event, you will also receive the GPX via email about a week in advance. 

A cupless event means that there are no disposable plastic cups available at the supply desk. So you should provide your own collapsible cup, reusable bottle or backpack. These can be purchased from our partner Runners' lab. 

Learn more about cupless events

You can change distances by logging into your personal profile. Logging in is done by clicking 'login' at the top right.

You can check this on your personal Keep on Running profile. Log in by clicking on 'login' in the upper right corner.

To be sure, you can also always email hello@keeponrunning.be.

No. We work with fixed deadlines. Up to two weeks before the event, 75% of the registration fee can be recovered. In the last 2 weeks before the event, no refund is possible. 

At most events, we do not. If they do, we will mention it at the specific event. 


No. After the exercise test you go home with the results processed in a report. These give more clarity about the zones in which you can train and where, for example, your turning point of your (an)aerobic threshold lies. You can present these to your coach or try to apply them yourself to the free training schedules of Keep on Running.

The result of the test is the same. In the test days, several people are tested at the same time in outdoor testing environment, in the individual lab test, the performance is on the treadmill and the coach is only with you personally during this test.

For 40 EUR per month you get a personal training schedule for at least three months. You let this run as long as you want. A schedule shorter than twelve weeks is not possible.

No, these matters are separate. To obtain optimal training results, we do recommend a test in consultation with the coach.
If you choose for a personal training schedule, you will receive a weekly schedule with trainings that are adapted to your current training status and goals. In this module - with the exception of the intake interview - no personal contact with your coach is included. You work through all the workouts on your own. With the personal coaching you have the possibility to continuously consult with your coach so that the plan can be adjusted when necessary.

Our group effort tests take place on predetermined dates and different places. These can be found on our website. You will receive the exact location and time approximately one week in advance. 

Would you like a personal effort test? You can schedule it yourself and it will take place in Zwijndrecht or Bruges. 

Do you still have questions? If so, don't hesitate to get in touch.