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Personal training schedule
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Making progress week after week? With a training schedule tailored to you, this is not a pipe dream. When creating the schedule, your current level of form, personal goals and feasibility in terms of training times are taken into account. This is all discussed during an intake interview.

Ideally, this should be drawn up based on the results of an exercise test, but it is not a must to take it beforehand.

Through the coaching software Coachbox, you can access your personal training schedule.

Interested in this targeted training approach for a minimum of 12 weeks? For 40 EUR per month you will receive your schedule weekly.

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Personal training schedule

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For 40 EUR per month, you will receive your schedule weekly. (The option to extend your personal training schedule by 1 month will only be accepted if you are already following a schedule at Keep on Running).
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Making progress week after week? Not a pipe dream.

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