SKF Ekiden

November 11, 2023

run a marathon together!


Run a marathon together on Saturday, November 11! And by together, we really mean together. As one team. We cut the distance into six so you and your team can divide the work.

During the SKF Ekiden, each team consists of six runners who take turns covering part of the mythical 42.195 km. The first, third and fifth runners each cover 5 km, runners two and four take 10 km. The sixth and last runner brings the Tasuki, the ribbon that is passed each time, across the finish line after 7.195 km. Teamwork!

Enjoy top-notch experience, atmosphere and conviviality as a team

While you await your turn to cruise through Tongeren with the Tasuki, we provide atmosphere, conviviality and everything you need. The drinks will be fresh, the refreshments ready to be consumed and the DJ will make it a party on the grounds.





November 11, 2023


10 a.m. welcome
11 a.m. start


Sports stadium '"De Motten" - Tongeren

How far?

Marathon in relay form


Private: €90
Business: €160 excl. VAT

Registration is possible until?

November 10, 2023

What do I get for this?

Participation in unique race
Professional timekeeping with active timing system
Supplies along the way
Running shirt (optional)
Sports accident insurance
Total basic package amount: €90

Terms and conditions?

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Ready for the ultimate team building activity?

Then you should be at the SKF Ekiden!

Sign up as a club, association, individual... for: participation in a unique race that you experience as one team, professional timekeeping and supplies along the way.

Are you itching to challenge another team or compete against each other? You don't have to worry about the course. It is FAST. The first edition even set a European record.

Join hands with your colleagues

Still looking for a way to strengthen ties in your company? Then get out of your comfort zone and drum up your colleagues to participate in this relay marathon together. By participating as a company, you will also gain access to the company village where a separate catering table will be provided. Each team member will also receive an additional drink and food voucher afterwards.

Is your company coming with min. five teams? Then we will provide a separate tent. Do you have ininterested in being at the start with more than a handful of teams? Contact us at to arrange invoice registration.

Support Think Pink

The first edition of the Ekiden in Tongeren was dedicated to MS Liga Vlaanderen. This year, Think Pink is the chosen charity.

To support the national breast cancer organization, all catering revenue is transferred to them.

You and your team can make an extra contribution by adding the "Charity Party Table" to your registration. For €15 - paid in full - a party table with a bottle of cava will be waiting for you at the finish line.

Last year we collected €1,000. This year we want to do ample better and your team can help make that happen.

Free running shirt for each women's team

To encourage the attendance of women's teams, each complete women's team will automatically receive a Craft running shirt worth €15 on the day of the event.

Men's and mixed teams can optionally add this shirt to their registration. However, it is not possible to purchase the Craft running shirt individually. Only as a team.

After registration, all team captains will be contacted soon i.f.v. clothing size and possible printing of (company) logo/team name.

Personal coaching for businesses

Get even more out of this group event by actively working toward it together.

Would you like professional guidance in doing so? Keep on Running offers that through the following business package

Want to know more about this group offering? Drop us a line at events@keeponrunning if you would like to be a part of it. We will then get in touch with you.

Practical info
  • Registration: After registration, you will receive a confirmation via email.
  • BIB number: Will not be sent. The team captain will collect it on site for the entire team.
  • Start Hour: The first runner will start at 11 am.
  • Parking: sports stadium "The Moths"
  • Supply: Present on the course.
  • Running Shirt:
    • Each complete women's team automatically receives a free running shirt upon registration. Mixed or men's teams can optionally add this paid to their registration.
    • Shirt size and printing for the running shirt will be contacted via email.
    • Collection of running shirts will be done on site.
  • Results: Can be found on our website upon completion.
  • Think Pink: Catering proceeds will go entirely to this charity. You can additionally support the breast cancer organization by adding the "Charity Party Table" to your registration.

A few days before the race you will receive another email with the final practical info.

I'm walking with you!
Registration is open until
November 10, 2023

Personal Coaching.

Prepare for your running challenge.

Would you like to keep running injury-free and enjoy this fantastic sport while getting yourself optimally prepared for an upcoming running challenge? Then maybe our brand new coaching package is just the thing for you!

Coaching Package

completely tailored to your needs.
  • 1 lactate test + intake interview
  • 3-month training schedule fully personalized
  • Permanent coaching (remote) with weekly updating schedule
  • 2 live workshops (including guided training)
  • Using TrainingPeaks
  • Formatting personal competition plan
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